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Abbe Diaz, who spent several years as a maître d' at some of Manhattan's hottest restaurants, dished on their famous patrons ("from Affleck to Zellweger") and the dysfunction that comprises some of New York's most renowned eateries, in her 2004 restaurant-industry exposé: PX This – Diary of the "Maître d’ to the Stars." Now Diaz is back with PX Me - How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire, an equally insightful and hilarious follow-up that resumes her star-studded anecdotes, skewers media heavyweights, and takes us further behind the scenes with a uniquely deep insider's take on the illustrious multibillion-dollar celebrity-chef fine-dining world.

What do Jeremy Piven, Gawker, Jay McInerney, global über-chef Jean-Georges, Billy Joel (in St Barth), Graydon Carter, The New York Times, Puff Daddy’s birthday, stealing Leonardo DiCaprio’s luck, Sofia Vergara’s absence of rhythm, an exposé of NYC’s most renowned restaurants (aka the “bible of the industry”), and a stupefying lack of journalistic ethics all have in common? Read Abbe Diaz’s PX Me. (How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire).

[ ** UPDATE: A New York Times staffer at the center of the controversy depicted in PX Me, has engaged in cyber-harassment and death threats against author Abbe Diaz, for unveiling an alleged NY Times impropriety. An Aggravated Harassment report has been filed with the Detective Squad of the New York Police Department. ** ]



• books by Abbe Diaz :

PX This.
(Diary of the "Maître d' to the Stars")

PX Me.
(How I Became a Published Author,
Got Micro-Famous, and
Married a Millionaire)

The Making of
PX This: The Webisodes




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"That is genius." - Joel Stein, Time

"Perfection." - The New York Observer


  PX This has been lauded as “the bible of the [NYC] industry,” and its author, Abbe Diaz, has been featured in various media outlets such as The New York Daily News, The New York Post, msn.com, BBC.com, The Morning Show (Australia), CBS’s The Insider, The New York Observer, Blackbook, Time Out New York, Perez Hilton, Gawker, LXTV-NBC, NBC Chicago, New York magazine, Mediabistro, hamptons.com, and foodchannel.com, just to name a few.